3721 West Avera Drive, 57108


We are a group of Mothers that have twins, triplets, quads & more! 

Together, we provide support, friendship, educational resources, and fun

for over 50 years.  If you are a mother to multiples, you deserve a

chance to refuel with those who understand your adventures best

and that's with other moms of multiples.

We meet monthly between September & May

Care may be provided.

Contact our President for more details


Our monthly gatherings are a time for us to socialize, bond, learn new things, support one another and have fun.

You will look forward to these gatherings all month long!


For more information on becoming a member, please contact us through our contact page.

We look forward to meeting you & your multiples!

When creating a Profile, Please use your First name. 

This will help to determine you are not trying to become a member under false pretenses. 

Thank you for your Cooperation!


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